Some financial entities request a joint obligor in a mortgage loan, which is the support to approve the obligation. In addition to the first debtor of the credit and the mortgage of the property, they condition the obligation on a second person as support.

This makes credit approval less risky and faster to deliver. Although he has the same responsibilities as the first debtor. It should be mentioned that the property to be mortgaged must not have previous liens, that is, it must be clean or free of mortgage.


Who is the obligated solidarity?

It is a second person who supports a mortgage loan through a signed contract. This means that as a joint debtor you are obliged to respond to the debt with the principal debtor in accordance with the concepts recorded in the contract.

However, the figure of the obligor in solidarity is losing strength as a direct response. This is due to the fact that only the mandatory collection should be used only until all the resources for the collection to the principal debtor have been exhausted. In addition, it can be agreed within the contract that the joint obligor only responds for an adequate amount and not for all the debt.

There are many ways to cover debt with a guarantee, it is best to seek advice from a person who specializes in the subject. Thus, not all responsibility will fall on a single subject or.


Pay for default as a joint obligor of a loan


At the time of default with the payments of a mortgage loan, the debtor or joint obligor must respond to the obligation. In addition to the foreclosure procedure, if necessary. The obligor has the right to appeal the charges.

One of the ways to avoid reaching these terms is to not accept the requests to be bound by solidarity, even to family members. But if that responsibility is accepted, the important thing is to know who is supporting the debt.

Currently, it is very difficult to find a person who accepts responsibility as a debtor or joint obligor. Many choose to charge a commission for these services. Therefore, it has become a business, since you have the additional option of being a second debtor with the mortgage included.

Now everything is provided to the client, in order to offer great benefits and personal satisfaction. Of course, in exchange for a certain amount of money obtained within a commercial transaction, which is becoming increasingly routine.