Share of domestic investors in SNG companies hits record high


The share of foreign portfolio investors (REITs) fell further to a 10-year low of 19.03% as of September 30, down 17 basis points from 19.2% as of June 30. This is despite net inflows of Rs 48,570 crore during the quarter from these investors.

As of March 31, 2015, the REIT’s share was 23.3% while the combined share of DII, Retail and HNI was 18.47%.

The spread between REIT and DII ownership narrowed to its lowest level this quarter; DII’s ownership is now only 22.3% lower than that of FPI. The REIT/DII ownership ratio also declined to an all-time low of 1.29 as of September 30, 2022, from 1.37 in the previous quarter.

Sensex and Nifty rose 8.31% and 8.33% respectively in the September quarter.

Over a 13-year period (since June 2009), the REIT’s share increased from 16.02% to 19.03%, while the DII’s share increased from 11.38% to 14.79%.

REIT holdings by value in NSE-listed companies stood at 50.52 trillion rupees as of September 30, an increase of 10.73% from 45.62 trillion rupees as of June 30. fueled the sectors during the quarter, while investing Rs 22,689 crore in financial services and healthcare.

The share of domestic mutual funds in NSE-listed companies rose for the fifth straight quarter and hit a record high of 7.97% as of September 30, from 7.95% as of June 30. This was after five consecutive quarters of decline. from March 31, 2020 (7.96%) to June 30, 2021 (7.25%).

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The share rose on the back of net inflows from domestic mutual funds of Rs 22,193 crore during the quarter. In terms of value, the holding of domestic MFs reached 21.15 trillion rupees, up 12.03% from the previous quarter.

The share of insurance companies rose to 5.57% as of September 30, from 5.15% as of June 30. In value, it rose to 14.79 trillion rupees as of September 30, up 20.7% from the previous quarter. LIC continues to carve out the lion’s share of insurance company equity investments (at least 69% share or Rs 10.27 trillion). LIC’s share (out of 270 companies where its stake is greater than 1%), however, fell to 3.87% as of September 30, compared with 3.92% as of June 30.

The share of DII as a whole increased to a record high of 14.79% as of September 30, from 14.06% as of June 30. 17.46% over the last quarter.

The share of retail investors in NSE-listed companies fell slightly to 7.33% as of September 30, from 7.40% as of June 30.

The share of HNIs in companies listed on the NSE also decreased to 1.9% as of September 30 from 2.08% as of June 30. The combined share of retail and HNI was 9.24% as of September 30, compared to 9.48% as of June 30.


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