In 2016, Bank Good Credit launched a credit card for the Finnish market: a Good Credit credit card. What is this credit card for an airline challenger? We found out who the card is suitable for and how it differs from other credit cards on the market. We also compared the costs and benefits of the card with other cards.

An annual card that offers benefits to travelers

An annual card that offers benefits to travelers

The Good Credit card offered by Good Credit Bank is a Visa credit card with very good worldwide usability. The card is annual free and you do not need to be a member of any bank to get it, only the Good Credit card can be considered a so-called low threshold credit card.

There is no debit feature on the card, so its just a credit card.

Good Credit Card is an annual free credit card with travel insurance. With an annual fee card, travel insurance is a pretty generous advantage, as a credit card with travel insurance usually costs at least 50 euros a year. For example, the annual royalty-free Good Finance Mastercard Gold credit card also includes travel insurance.

Good Credit credit card travel insurance becomes effective once at least half of the trip has been paid for with a Good Credit card.

In addition to travel insurance, the Good Credit Card offers exceptional cash withdrawals from credit institutions worldwide. Most all credit cards charge a withdrawal on the credit side, but there is no charge on the Good Credit card.

If you pay the invoice in full by the due date, no interest will be accrued on purchases or cash withdrawals. If you make wire transfers, pay bills, or withdraw cash from the bank counter, the interest rate is 19.99% from the date of withdrawal / wire transfer.

Cash point score

Cash point score

The Good Credit Airline Loyalty Program earns you CashPoint points for all Good Credit flights, hotel nights at number of hotels, car hire in different countries, and Good Credit credit card purchases. Points can be used to redeem, for example, any Good Credit flight or even free luggage. You earn points based on the type of flight ticket and the price of the ticket.

Points are earned on cheaper LowFare tickets at 2% off net ticket price (excluding airline fees and other surcharges) and 5% if purchased with a Good Credit credit card. The most expensive and flexible Flex tickets earn up to 20% points.

In addition, you will receive a bonus of 1% CashPoint Points on all merchandise purchases made with a Good Credit credit card. 1 CashPoint point equals NOK 1 (NOK 1 = approximately EUR 0.1)

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The program also includes awards. These include free seating reservations, Fast Track, extra check-in baggage, or 2% more CashPoint points on subsequent flights. Every sixth flight receives a prize and can be used on many flights as you can or want.

The prize bonus is valid for 12 months. CashPoint points allow you to pay for Good Credit airline tickets in whole or in part. Points are valid from the year of purchase for 2 years until the end of the year.

The Good Credit card is also a credit card for points, purchases made with the Good Credit card give you CashPoints, which can be used for Good Credit flights. The Good Credit Card also works differently than most credit cards for points, as it converts points directly into currency.

However, the point benefits offered by the Good Credit card are not as versatile as many other credit cards.

On a Good Credit card you earn points as follows:

  • 20% CashPoints points on Flex tickets
  • 5% CashPoints points on LowFare tickets
  • 1% off all card purchases

The weakness of the card is the high interest rate

The weakness of the card is the high interest rate

The Good Credit card is ideal for the person who pays off their credit card immediately and does not need any current credit, as the actual annual interest rate on the card is high (21.92% for $ 1500).

The card can be recommended as a good addition to your wallet thanks to the free annual fee and travel insurance. However, you should always choose your payment card carefully to get the most out of your card.

Before choosing the best credit card, you should check out the features of credit cards!

Does Good Credit Card replace traditional airline credit cards?

Does Good Credit Card replace traditional airline credit cards?

Finns can be on any other airline’s point program, but Finnair’s and SAS’s point programs have the advantage that you can also earn reward points with a credit card from a Finnish bank.

However, the Good Credit Bank credit card offers a worthy competitor to these two programs – the credit card can be used to earn CashPoint points from the Good Credit Airlines’ Rewards program.

You can easily compare Good Credit Cards with other Credit Cards in our free price comparison: