NIRI Chicago 2022 Investor Relations Workshop to Highlight IR in a Post-COVID World


CHICAGO–(BUSINESS WIRE)–The Chicago Chapter of the National Investor Relations Institute (NIRI Chicago) will hold its annual Investor Relations (IR) Workshop on Friday, September 23 at the Metropolitan, Willis Tower, 233 S. Wacker Drive, 66th Floor, Chicago.

“This year’s IR workshop focuses on a ‘start, stop, continue’ theme, which is especially timely as the world continues to emerge from the COVID-19 pandemic,” said Stacie Selinger, co-chair of the IR workshop. “Over the past few years, top-performing investor relations managers have been nimble in initiating new approaches to investor outreach, stopping impossible or unnecessary activities – for example, in-person meetings at the height of the pandemic – and continue to focus on building relationships. and other RI fundamentals despite a rapidly changing environment. Our workshop strives to dissect the lessons of the past few years and offer new insights and perspectives.

“Investor relations touches every shareholder of a public company, as we help shape the company’s strategy, communications and public perceptions,” said Elizabeth Saha, co-chair of the IR Workshop. “Our annual IR workshop is a great way to spend a day networking and learning about trends affecting our IR programs, including the ongoing evolution of financial markets, regulatory changes and growing interest in environmental factors. , social and governance – ESG – affecting investors’ perceptions and the financial performance of companies.

Highlights of the IR 2022 workshop will include:

  • BlackRock: a passive investor but not a passive asset manager: BlackRock has become one of the biggest voices in governance. Our keynote speaker, John Roe, joined the company as Managing Director and Head of BlackRock Investment Stewardship (BIS), Americas late last year after holding senior roles at Joele Frank and ISS Analytics. Roe can discuss how BlackRock’s investment management team engages with companies on governance and sustainability issues and helps shape industry standards through dialogue and thought leadership.
  • A look at next generation investors: The behavior of new investors over the next decade depends in part on the ramifications of the COVID-19 pandemic, such as increased digital adoption; greater interest in ESG factors, further accentuated by pending regulations from the SEC; and market volatility fueled by passive investing and algorithmic trading. Our panel will discuss how Investor Relations leaders can prepare their programs, leadership teams and boards for change while attracting the next generation of investors.
  • The rise of passive and thematic investments: The major transformations of our economy due to technological and societal developments are leading to a rise in thematic investments. Identifying and understanding how macroeconomic and structural trends are driving thematic investing, trading activity and stock prices beyond a company’s fundamentals is something every RI manager should know. Our panel will discuss changing market structure, the rise of passive investing, and how thematic investing is reshaping the world of investing.
  • Buy-side ESG influences: Although ESG has become a key responsibility of RIs, opinions vary on which ESG factors most effectively drive buy-side investors to make favorable decisions. How should an RI manager help prioritize the company’s ESG programs, initiatives and disclosures? Our buy-side panelists play a critical role in their companies’ ESG investment decisions, so they can explain the most important factors in their decision-making processes and how RI leaders can maximize the value of ESG awareness. on the buy side.
  • Creative approaches to investor engagement: The way investor relations professionals communicate with shareholders and potential investors continues to evolve as we navigate a return to “normal” post-pandemic. How can RI leaders expand their engagement programs to better communicate with current and new investors? Our panelists will share their creativity and successes in engaging with investors using virtual meeting technology, multimedia, new targeting tools, social media and/or an in-person sales approach ” in the field “.

NIRI Chicago’s annual full-day IR Workshop is open to the public and has drawn attendees from across the Midwest. The event begins at 8 a.m. on Friday, September 23 with registration, breakfast and a presentation of the latest IR services by exhibitors. Cost is $175 for NIRI Chicago members and $250 for non-members who register by August 31 ($225 and $300 thereafter, respectively). Additional information and registration information can be found at the NIRI Chicago IR Workshop 2022 Web page.

2022 IR Workshop Sponsors and Exhibitors

NIRI Chicago thanks the following people ssponsors and exhibitors: Anonymous Design, Business Wire, IRWIN, Tomorrow Sodali, NYSE and Rivet.

The Chicago Chapter of the National Investor Relations Institute (NIRI Chicago) provides professional development and networking opportunities for investor relations practitioners, a strategic management responsibility that integrates finance, communications, marketing and legal compliance on securities. Through its collaborative community, NIRI advances engagement in capital markets and promotes best practices in disclosure, governance and informed investing. For more information, visit


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