Israel Discount Bank: Investor Relations – Q2 2022 REVIEW



This document was prepared by Israel Discount Bank Ltd. (the “Bank”) solely for use by the Bank in the presentation of its 1st 2022 quarter report, as well as in the strategic updates mentioned in the Bank’s reports. This presentation does not replace the 1st quarterly financial statements that include complete financial information, including forward-looking information. The English version of the financial statements is available on the Bank’s Investor Relations website at

This presentation includes forward-looking information, as defined in the Israeli Securities Law, 5728 – 1968. Such information includes, among other things, projections, objectives, estimates and valuations of the Bank, which relate to future events or problems, the occurrence of which is not certain and beyond the control of the Bank. Forward-looking information does not constitute proven factual information and is based solely on the point of view of the Bank’s management, which is based, among other things, on the analysis of general information known to the Bank’s management at the date of this presentation. Forward-looking information, by definition, is subject to substantial risk that it will not materialize, and such information is not definitive and cannot be estimated in advance and is sometimes even beyond the control of the Bank. The production of forward-looking information is impacted by risk factors characteristic of the Bank’s activities as well as by changes in the general environment and external factors affecting the Bank’s operations, which cannot be estimated in advance and which, by their nature, are beyond the control of the Bank. Accordingly, readers of this presentation are cautioned that the results and achievements of the Bank in the future may differ materially from those set forth in the forward-looking information included in this presentation. Similarly, forward-looking projections and estimates are based on assumptions and information in the possession of the Bank at the time of presentation, and the Bank shall not be required to update or revise any such projection or estimate to reflect changes. events or conditions that occur after the date of presentation.

Non-Sponsored American Depository Receipt (ADR) Disclaimer:

US depository institutions or banks may establish ADR programs relating to the shares of certain non-US issuers without the consent or participation of such issuers (referred to as “unsponsored ADRs”). An ADR or American Depositary Receipt, which is issued by a US bank or custodian to prove that a stock of a non-US issuer has been deposited with the US bank or custodian. An unsponsored ADR program is

implemented without the non-US issuer’s cooperation or even consent. Israel Discount Bank does not endorse or encourage

creation of unsponsored ADR programs concerning its titles and, in any event, declines all responsibility in connection with an unsponsored ADR.

Israel Discount Bank makes no representation regarding its compliance with Rule 12g3-2(b) of the United States Stock Exchange Act of 1934, as amended.


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