Graphene Investor Services joins the Bosonic Network™


LONDON & SAN FRANCISCO & NEW YORK–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Bosonic, a decentralized financial market infrastructure (dFMI) firm, announced that Graphene Investor Services (Graphene IS), a digital investment services matrix, has selected Bosonic as its digital asset solutions provider.

The Bosonic Network™ enables Graphene clients, family offices, private banks and wealth management firms, to access digital asset markets without incurring counterparty credit and settlement risk. Bosonic provides access to a wide range of market makers, exchanges and digital asset custodians, ensuring the fiduciary security crucial to Graphene’s customer base.

Graphene is a regulated technology and services company that provides access to a group of solutions, such as investment technology, global custodians, execution services and fund administrators through a serviced SAAS offering – Digital Investment Matrix.

Graphene IS empowers incumbent investment managers and investment service providers by providing an expert-defined modular combination of solutions with negotiated terms, while supporting the integration and service of each proposal. customer.

Jason Nabi, Chief Revenue Officer of Bosonic, commented: “With growing exposure to digital assets, particularly the family office and wealth segments, Bosonic is uniquely positioned to deliver turnkey solutions to clients that ensure true best execution across a range of partners. liquidity, the choice of separate and regulated depositories.

Nabi continued, “The need to protect customer data and assets is paramount and fundamental to the fiduciary responsibility of Family Offices and private banks. We are therefore very pleased that Graphene IS is joining the Bosonic Network™. »

Andrew Gaunt, Graphene IS COO said, “We are delighted to partner with Bosonic. Adding a quality partner that enables our customer base to securely access and reduce risk, while operating in the digital asset space, is extremely important. As institutional adoption ripples through the wealth and retail markets, ensuring our clients have a flexible, efficient and secure way to do this alongside their traditional investing activity has become a priority.

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About Bosonic

Founded in 2016, Bosonic is a leading decentralized financial market infrastructure “dFMI” company with offices in San Francisco, New York and London, providing a best-in-class infrastructure that removes credit and settlement risk from counterparty in digital asset markets.

The Bosonic Network™ provides institutional clients with a patented liquidity and custodian-agnostic solution, enables tokenization of assets and collateral, provides liquidity aggregation and DMA to top exchanges and market makers, and at the core, executes real-time payment versus payment (PvP) atomic execution and settlement, with cross-margining, net settlement between custodians and payments.

Bosonic Enterprise Solutions is a complete white-label SaaS deployment of the same technology for use in other IMF, bank or broker-regulated digital asset platforms. The Bosonic Network™ and Bosonic Enterprise Solutions deliver best-in-class blockchain infrastructure that is shaping the future of digital asset markets by eliminating risk and maximizing capital efficiency for hedge funds, family offices, banks, brokers, asset managers and other market participants.

About Graphene IS

Graphene Investor Services (Graphene IS) creates a new standard for sophisticated investors and investment advisors who want to invest in wealth through a digital platform. Graphene IS brings together the best results for our customers by leveraging technology and experience. Our mission is to guide our clients with integrity through the ever-active tectonic shifts that underpin the fintech and investment landscape.


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