Curaleaf Holdings, Inc. Investor Relations


To our dear shareholders:

Rumors and misinformation have spread in turbulent times. We are committed to fostering trust and transparency throughout the cannabis industry.

In the interest of our investors and market transparency, Curaleaf would like to provide some clarity by responding to speculation regarding the potential impact of the Russian-Ukrainian crisis on society.

  • US citizens, whether or not they hold other passports, are not and cannot be subject to US economic sanctions.
  • Curaleaf, as a US company, is also not and cannot be subject to US economic sanctions.
  • Our Executive Chairman and Principal Shareholder, Boris Jordan, is an American citizen, born and raised in Long Island, New York. He is not and has never been a citizen of another country.
  • Mr. Jordan has spent several years working in Europe and Russia and currently owns several businesses in the United States (including Curaleaf), Europe and Russia.
  • Our second largest shareholder is Andrei Blokh, a successful retired CPG entrepreneur who is not active in the company. Mr. Blokh is an American citizen, also holder of a Russian passport.
  • The vast majority of our shares are held by the retail and institutional investor community.

Speculation on social media that the company and its major shareholders and executives will somehow be subject to US government economic sanctions now or in the future is incorrect.


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