I will pay as collateral for the mortgage loan

By signing the promissory note as collateral for the mortgage loan, you are responsible for canceling a debt according to the agreed terms and conditions. It is a written promise as collateral for the creditor, who can make it effective in case of default. The creditor will deliver a copy of it to the debtor, […]

How is the mortgage loan fee made up?

Many times we pay our bills and we don’t really stop to think what we are paying. For example, the rent. Do you know how much corresponds to administration and how much to rent? Or, when you pay the administration of your depa, do you know what percentage corresponds to surveillance? A similar thing happens […]

Mortgage 2019 Online Calculator

Although it is said everywhere that getting a mortgage is getting harder, we will convince you that you can do it with us. Most young people still live in rentals that rise every year. The biggest phenomenon is the capital city of Prague, where you pay for a studio apartment up to 25 000 CZK, […]

Norwegian credit card suitable for travelers

In 2016, Bank Good Credit launched a credit card for the Finnish market: a Good Credit credit card. What is this credit card for an airline challenger? We found out who the card is suitable for and how it differs from other credit cards on the market. We also compared the costs and benefits of […]