Is it possible to consolidate credit card debts in the mortgage loan?

If the debts generated by your credit card have overwhelmed you, you may be thinking of consolidating them. If you have doubts about the possibility of consolidating credit card debts in mortgage credit, read this article. What is a mortgage? A mortgage loan is a loan granted by a financial institution for the purchase, expansion, […]

Debt ratio Calculation of debt ratio

Do you know how much your project will cost you? Now you need to check your debt ratio to see if the bank will accept your request for funding. Indeed, if you are already too indebted, the bank will refuse to finance you. To decide, institutions calculate the ratio between your expenses (rents, pensions paid, […]

Who Is The Joint Obligor In A Mortgage Loan?

Some financial entities request a joint obligor in a mortgage loan, which is the support to approve the obligation. In addition to the first debtor of the credit and the mortgage of the property, they condition the obligation on a second person as support. This makes credit approval less risky and faster to deliver. Although […]